How decodable books can support language comprehension

Scarborough’s Reading Rope is a wonderful theoretical framework for describing the complexity of reading and what we need to teach children in order for them to become fluent readers who can comprehend a text successfully. Decoding is on one strand of the rope, and language comprehension is on the other strand. These strands become increasingly […]

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Comprehension is only as good as one’s vocabulary


Comprehension is only as good as one’s vocabulary. So, is there any point in comprehension exercises? Should we be focusing on building meaningful vocabulary? Read this thought-provoking blog by Solomon Kingsworth.

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How decodable books can expand vocabulary

Critics of synthetic phonics have claimed that the language of phonic reading books (decodable books) limits children’s vocabulary. Instead of enriching their vocabulary, they read about a ‘cat’ that ‘sat on a mat’. To this, I would say, “Have you seen the variety of decodable books that publishers have produced in recent years? Many of them […]

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