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Decodable books – why they are important

 What are decodable books? For people who can read – all books are decodable. For children who are learning to read – decodable books are controlled texts that they can decode at each level as they acquire literacy (by sounding out […]

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"I call a decodable text a ‘no tricks book’." Why and how to use decodables

Here is a straightforward explanation about the usefulness of decodable books for children learning to read. ‘The look on children’s faces when they realise how easy reading is – knowing the sounds and connecting them to graphemes on the page. […]

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How decodable books can expand vocabulary

Critics of Synthetic Phonics have claimed that the language of phonic reading books (decodable books) limits children’s vocabulary.  Instead of enriching their vocabulary they read about a ‘cat’ that ‘sat on a mat’.  To this I would say: Have you […]

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