How to…dictate a sentence from a decodable book

In our ‘how to…’ series we are going to delve into all things phonics instruction and give you our expert advice on developing confident readers. *** Dictation is a great way to consolidate the bonds between reading and spelling. It is a controlled exercise where pupils can succeed because the teacher includes words with spellings […]

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Making good use of spelling tests

Spelling test

“My child gets 10/10 on their spelling tests but then forgets their spellings when free writing.” This is a statement that I often hear from parents. In schools, children typically get a weekly spelling list which they practise and then get tested on at a single word level. The next week, they receive a new […]

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What’s so great about dictation?

The verb ‘to dictate’ is not one that teachers warm to. This is because we love to foster creativity in our children and to get them to write their own ideas. BUT when teaching children how to read and spell we need to use all the best tools we have to instruct our beginner readers […]

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What is so great about dictation?

I have been working with an 8 year old pupil on  the spelling ‘ck’.  We also need to revisit ‘sh, ch and th’ which she tends to forget and confuse.  Every week we do a bit of dictation including the graphemes we need to revise.  This dictation is based on a Dandelion Launcher book ‘Which Shall I […]

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7 fun activities using decodable books

Now that decodable reading books are being used alongside phonics programmes, there are lots of ways to use them to develop literacy.

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