7 fun activities using decodable books

7 fun activities using decodable books

Now that decodable reading books are being used along side of a phonics programme there a number of ways to use them to develop children’s literacy.

Here are 7 ideas:

1. fun reading practice – use the phonic focus to make and play games.  Dandelion Launchers and Dandelion Readers have them at the back of each book.

2.  dictation – decodable texts are great for dictation.  Using controlled text is a good way to get children to listen to sounds in words they can spell.

3.  spelling assessment – decodable texts can be used to assess if the children can spell target words.

4.  seeking and listing alternative spellings of a certain sound – great for Phase 5 of ‘Letters and Sounds’.

5.  Develop expressive language – talking about the stories.  Most decodable  books have a good storyline and new words to discuss.

6.  fun comprehension activities.  Dandelion Readers, Launchers, Totem and Talisman all have workbooks with fun comprehension activities such as – what’s missing in the picture, true or false, sequencing etc.

7. creative writing – children can continue the story or change the ending, write a birthday invitation or write about their own experiences depending on the story.

Lots to do – and all coming from the children’s own independent reading experience!


  1. These are geat ideas! Thank you for reminding me of some of these! I tutor students here in the States who struggle so much in reading, and I came across your website quite by accident! I’ve bookmarked the site and will be exploring it more in depth. It seems that you have quite a few materials which will greatly benefit the kids I tutor.

    1. Hi Janet,
      Glad to hear we share ideas on both sides of the pond. Clair, Wendy and myself are working SpLD teachers, who teach at the Boomfield Learning Centre in London.
      Some five years ago we began to publish books that we felt would help our pupils. Now we have this website that show our books and resources. Do contact us if you have any queries.
      Best wishes,

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