What is reading? – What I should have learnt in teacher training


When I trained to be a teacher in one of the best universities in London, I learned a great deal about the wonderful world of books, how to select quality picture books and spot racially biased books, and even how to make books by stitching them together by hand. We made book covers using potato […]

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Why are children still guessing and not decoding?

Reports are coming back from schools that, despite Synthetic Phonics being taught in Reception classes, many children are failing to learn to decode. This has been reflected in the results of the Year 1 Phonics Check, with 58% of children reading 32 out of 40 words correctly. Why is this happening?

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How to say the sounds of letters in Synthetic Phonics

Most schools in the UK are now following a synthetic phonics programme. All such programmes teach children to pronounce letters in a slightly new and different way. This is called ‘precise pronunciation’ or ‘pure sounds’. Some staff members and parents may find they are not sure about this new pronunciation, as they were not taught […]

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