How to say the sounds of letters in Synthetic Phonics

Most schools in the UK are now following a Synthetic Phonics programme. All such programmes teach children to pronounce letters in a slightly new and different way. This is called ‘precise pronunciation’ or ‘pure sounds’.

Some staff and parents may find they are not sure about this new pronunciation as they were not taught this way when they learned to read.

It is really important for children that we all learn this new way as it will help them with their reading.

We thought it might be helpful to make a You Tube video clip demonstrating this new pronunciation of letters.

If your school is training staff and parents in your school, this resource may be useful as they can practice the sounds again on You tube.


  1. Surely her pronunciation of j, q, w, y all included the schwa sound. I wouldn’t say that they were true sounds.

    1. Hi Roger,
      Thank you for your comment about the precise pronunciation of the letters j, q, w, y on our video clip. I think the letters w and y could possibly be pronounced more ‘purely’ but I believe this is very difficult to do with the letters j and q. These are important points to raise, so thank you for that.
      Kind regards,

  2. Hi Tami,

    Thank you for this very useful video. I used it this morning in a training session for LSAs at my school. Most of them said how useful it was in that they have until now been mispronouncing the consonant sounds.

    Thanks again,

    Ken Holmes

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