Struggling reader – reads paperbacks!

Some months ago I wrote about my struggling reader.  He came to the Bloomfield Learning Centre at the age of 10+ with a reading age of 6. Well, he crashed into my classroom (with his scooter) after Christmas announcing he had read two books over the holidays – ‘Holes’ and ‘Wonder’.  Amazing! And true!  He has […]

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Struggling readers – in praise of practice and consolidation

We know that any newly acquired knowledge or skill must to be practised for it to be committed to memory. In order to develop reading fluency, automaticity has to be established. This is brought about through practice and consolidation. Sometimes, teachers worry about boring their pupils by revisiting what they have taught. For many pupils, […]

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Magic Belt Workbooks now available!

At last our much awaited Magic Belt workbooks are in stock!  There are two workbooks: 1. The Introductory Workbook prepares the pupil for reading the Magic Belt Series.  It is for children who have weak letter/sound correspondences.  It starts with wordbuilding CVC words with the sounds of the alphabet. 2. The Magic Belt Workbook complements the […]

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