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Special Needs Information Press reviews Rescue Series

Rescue Series – from Phonic Books Stories by Clair Baker Illustrations by Drew Wilson This is another well designed and structure reading series produce by Phonic Books. The engaging storylines and accompanying illustrations will appeal to the readers and will […]

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Rescue series FAQs – who needs a phonic series for girls?

We thought it would be useful to discuss why there is a need for a new phonic series aimed at girls. Here are frequently asked questions about the new Rescue series: Rescue series FAQs Who is this series aimed at? […]

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‘Alba Series’, decodable books for dyslexic girls – see phonic progression

We are very excited about our brand new ‘Alba Series’.  So many resources are aimed at dyslexic boys.  The ‘Alba Series’  is specifically designed for older girls who  are struggling with reading.   It will be available in March 2013.   To see the phonic progression of […]

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