Rescue series FAQs – who needs a phonic series for girls?

We thought it would be useful to discuss why there is a need for a new phonic series aimed at girls. Here are frequently asked questions about the new Rescue series:
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Rescue series FAQs

Who is this series aimed at?

This series is aimed at older, struggling readers ages 8-14 who have gaps in their phonic knowledge which is preventing them from making progress in their reading. Often these pupils are confused about the complex phonic code and the alternative spellings of the sounds in the English language.

Why a new series for girls?

Although struggling readers are mostly boys, there is a minority of girls who struggle with literacy. Recent catch-up reading materials have been aimed mainly at boys and often girls cannot relate to the content of these books.
This series is particularly suited for girls, though boys will also enjoy reading it. It has a strong, smart and able female character. This conveys a positive empowering message to girls struggling with reading. The contemporary illustrations and storyline will appeal to both girls and boys. Also, not all girls like to imagine battling monsters as Zak does in our other catch-up series…

What is the Rescue series about?

Erin is babysitting her baby brother when her friend drops by to visit. In a moment of distraction, disaster strikes. Erin’s brother has zapped himself with the shrink ray and is in mortal danger. Erin must find a way to rescue her little brother before it is too late!

How does this series help children learn to read?

Often many struggling readers have difficulty with the complex phonic code in which sounds are spelled in a number of different ways. Teaching these spellings in a systematic way demystifies the phonic code and allows children to decode an ever increasing number of words. This series introduces alternative spellings for the sounds ‘ae, ee, oe, er, ow, oi, oo, ie, or, air, ar’. It has the same phonic progression as the Talisman 1 series and can be used in parallel. The text in these books is controlled so that the reader can decode every book independently as she/he expands her/his phonic knowledge and can read a growing number of words.

How does the Rescue series fit in with our catch-up range of books?

The Rescue series follows on from the Alba series. It covers some of sounds introduced in the Alba series but includes more spelling alternatives. It then adds more sounds in the same progression as the Talisman 1 series.

Who are the creators of the Rescue series?

Rescue was written by Clair Baker and illustrated by Drew Wilson. Their collaboration has created an exciting and visually-attractive, contemporary-looking reading series.

Who publishes the Rescue series?

Rescue series is published by Phonic Books Ltd, a small company that specialises in publishing phonic books and resources. The Rescue series is the latest addition to Dandelion Launchers, Dandelion Readers, Moon Dogs, the Magic Belt, Totem, Alba and Talisman series.

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