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Teach high-frequency words like an incomplete puzzle

English is complex and we need to teach reading in a structured way from simple to complex.  Unfortunately, there is no avoiding high-frequency words with spellings the children haven’t learned yet because they are present in even the simplest of […]

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New buzz word for ‘tricky words’ in the new National Curriculum

This week I learned from Susan Godsland www.dyslexics.org.uk  that the new term for ‘tricky words’ in the new National Curriculum is ‘common exception’ words.  This term that is rather confusing.  Firstly, why exception?  Exception from what?  Secondly, as Susan pointed out – it […]

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What is a ‘tricky word’?

Fluent readers may find it difficult to understand why beginner readers find some words difficult to decode. Take the word ‘was’:  It is a ‘tricky word’.  What is so tricky about it?

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