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How to teach blending

I have recently listened to two podcasts about working memory and they’ve made me think how we teach reading, specifically, how we help children with blending sounds into words: Evidence Based Education Podcast – Trialled and Tested: Working Memory: https://evidencebased.education/working-memory/ […]

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‘To blend’ or ‘a blend’? – that is the question

What is the difference between ‘a blend’ (the noun) and ‘to blend’ (the verb)? Now that most schools are getting used to using synthetic phonics programmes some old terms are being dropped and new terms are introduced. So how do […]

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What is a phoneme?

Now that everyone is talking ‘Synthetic Phonics speak’ and it seems like Michael Gove will continue to do so – it may be a good time to clarify some of the terms  that are being used.

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