Where do we get the inspiration for our books?



We often get asked where do we get the inspiration for our books? It comes in many forms but below is just a snippet of how our latest series of books Dragon Eggs was conceived and brought to life.

“The story of the Dragon Eggs Series was inspired by a book cover I saw in a bookshop at the Natural History Museum in London. The cover image of Dragon Doctor: The Woman who loved Reptiles by Patricai Valdez showed a woman surrounded by tiny dragons and looking very delighted! Dragon Doctor tells the story of Joan Proctor who was fascinated by reptiles form an early age (even once bringing a crocodile to school with her!) and who grew up to design the Reptile House at London Zoo.

The idea totally stuck in my head. The idea of writing an adventure featuring a girl and a team of baby dragons was just irresistible! My husband Drew illustrates our series for older readers and he was as excited as I was about this idea. On a wild and rainy walk in a storm one day it suddenly came to us! What if a mother dragon was to lose all her eggs in a storm? And, a brave hero set out to rescue them for her and then, some of those eggs hatched into dragons during the search… The Dragon Eggs adventure had begun!”

Clair Baker, Creative Director and Author, Phonic Books Ltd 


The Dragon Eggs Series is an exciting new quest series from Phonic Books. A series of 10 decodable books reintroducing alternative vowel spellings for emerging readers who need to develop reading fluency. 

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