Why do older, struggling readers need age-appropriate books?

Older, struggling readers often have gaps in the their phonics knowledge and skills.  They find alternative spellings particularly confusing.  Many suffer from low self esteem so offering them decodable materials that are age-appropriate is vital.  Vital because if the reading materiasl can engage the disaffected reader, his/her motivation to try and read will grow.  Without motivation it is really difficult to engage a student to learn something that is hard for them to learn.  And of course with success, more motivation grows…

We have now published three parallel series which introduce alternative spelling of vowel sounds.  This means that the reader can choose which series to read depending on their interests.  Does he/she like fantasy?  Then Talisman 1 would be a good choice;  Or is a series with a heroine preferable?  Rescue Series is the answer;   Or an adventure based in nature with an ecological slant?  Island Adventure is it!

This series has now been reviewed by Teach Primary Magazine.  What’s the verdict?

– Engaging, age-appropriate stories
– Visually appealing to the age group
– Sensitively supportive of the target audience
– Well-resourced with practice materials

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