Whole-word reading vs decoding – why does it matter?

Many schools are moving away from teaching children to recognise whole words to teaching them how to decode. It is important for anyone reading with children, or teaching them to read, to understand why this is so significant. The approach of teaching kids to recognise whole words is a ‘top down’ approach. It requires children […]

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"How Phonics Got Framed" – a coherent explanation of the phonics debate – a must for teachers

Teachers and parents interested in the phonics debate will want to see this You Tube video clip by Alison from spelfabet.   Informed, measured, amusing  and true! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9e8SJFuGRFM

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Find out about the background to the Phonics Debate – a great website – www.dyslexics.org.uk

Happy New Year to all our followers! I recently came across a really good website that explains the different approaches to teaching reading.  It discusses the history and rationale behind the different approaches: the Whole Word approach, the Mixed Method approach and the Synthetic Phonics and Linguistic Phonics approaches.  It also looks at the evidence that […]

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