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What are adjacent consonants?

Synthetic Phonics programmes now talk of ‘adjacent consonants’. What are adjacent consonants? Why is it that the letters ‘bl’ in the word ‘black’ are adjacent consonants while ‘ck’ are not?

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Synthetic Phonics – a ‘back to basics’ approach to reading?

We often hear people calling for a ‘back to basics’ approach in education. But is Synthetic Phonics really backward looking or has it some new elements which differ from how reading was taught in the past?

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Tricky adjacent consonants

We have found that lots of children are OK blending 3 sound words but have difficulty blending 4 and 5 sounds words with adjacent consonants  (CVCC, CCVC and CCVCC words). Dandelion Launchers  series now has 12 new books which tackle this […]

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