How to avoid the summer reading slump!

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Research has shown that children lose the equivalent of one month of learning over the summer. Many children experienced learning loss during the pandemic, so it is important that we help to keep children reading throughout the summer to prevent this additional summer slide. Here are ten ideas to keep children reading over the summer holidays:

  1. Use the local library. There may be a local reading initiative where children gain rewards for every book they read.
  2. Encourage children to explore all genres. Non-fiction, magazines, and comics are all reading materials. Yes, allow comic books!
  3. Children can write a book review of a chosen book.
  4. Make a book together. It could be a story book or an information book. If writing is too laborious for the child, the adult can write the book and the child can illustrate it.
  5. Do activities together such as making things or baking. Fun activities are a great way to generate new and useful vocabulary and language.
  6. Make an experiment like growing watercress seeds and record it.
  7. Share reading a book together, reading alternate pages of paragraphs.
  8. Listen to an exciting book together. Libraries now offer a free streaming service.
  9. Keep a structure to the day where ten minutes of reading can take place every day at the same time.
  10. Make some reading games from the free Phonic Books resources. This will remind children of the phonics they have learned throughout the year.

Finally, just keep reading to and with children to help prevent the summer slump and keep learners motivated!

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