This summer – an opportunity for catch up reading

Here we are in the last term of school and soon the summer will be upon us. It is really important that during this summer, the ‘summer slump’ of learning loss will not add to the learning loss that has already impacted so many children during the last two years.  A good way to prevent learning loss with regards to reading is to make sure children continue to read throughout the summer.

Most children who have  have a solid foundation in decoding will continue to develop their decoding, reading fluency and reading comprehension by simply reading and more reading.  This means that they will be able to decode new words they encounter using their code knowledge and attach meaning to these new words, this way growing their vocabulary and general comprehension.

BUT – if children have a shaky foundation in decoding, reading a set of decodable books during the summer will help them advance their reading.  This is because quality decodable books are scaffolded along a scope and sequence that will ensure children learn and consolidate the alphabetic code.  So, these children will cover essential spellings from alphabetic code they need to become confident decoders.  Once a sufficient part of the alphabetic code is taught and learned, reading will take off.

Teachers who have been working with these children throughout the year will know what their pupils need to learn but parents, carers or teachers in summer schools may need some help to establish a starting point.

It is essential to pitch the level of the book correctly, so that the text is not to easy or to difficult for the reader.  Too easy, and precious time is wasted.  Too difficult, and the learner may be discouraged from sticking with the programme.   For this we have created a FREE diagnostic assessment.  It has two parts.  The first is a diagnostic assessment which will give the teacher, parent or carer a rough idea of where the learner needs to start.  The second part will recommend a decodable series suitable for the learner.  Note that there are recommendations for young beginner readers and for older, catch up readers.

Where to Start With Our Books – Diagnostic Assessment Cards

We hope you find this resource useful!

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