Project Hope and Dandelion Readers

Frances Woodward, a wonderful Sounds-Write trainer, volunteered and went out to Zambia to train the teachers in Project Hope how to teach reading.  Sounds-Write donated the programme and Phonic Books donated decodable books. This way the children could use Dandelion Readers as they learned to read.  Here is some background information about the project.  It is humbling.  Thank you Frances.

Project of Hope is run by the Comboni sisters in Limulunga, a small town north of Mongu in the Western Province of Zambia.
It was started by Sister Peggy as a Feeding Station in the grounds of St Lawerence’s church, where the Comboni sisters live. The surrounding area is very rural and impoverished. Sister Peggy provides breakfast for the local  children between 7-9 each morning and lunch for the  older generation between 2-4pm. It is the only food that many of them will eat each day. (photo above shows the cooking facilities) Gradually, the morning session developed into a teaching programme and a school was formed. There are now over 80 children accommodated in three mud huts. The teachers have been trained in the Sounds-Write programme and are keen to use phonics to help the children progress with their reading. Phonic Books have generously provided them with many sets of Dandelion Readers to support their teaching. Here we see the children really appreciating the books. The teachers and children alike will treasure this gift. Thank you.

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