1. Can I just order the split digraph talisman cards rather than buying whole set? How do you play the game is it a snap game?

    1. Thanks for your query. Unfortunately we are unable to split the sets as such. You can either purchase all ten boxes or boxes 1-4 or boxes 5-10.

      These card games are played in a similar way to UNO. (There are instructions in the pack).

      Shuffle the pack and hand out 7 cards to each player (or 5 if you want the game to last longer). The remaining cards are put face down on the table. The top card is flipped over and placed face up on the table. This is the spelling you play.

      So, for example, if you are playing spellings of /ae/ (ay, ai, a-e, a, ea), and the top card is a word with the spelling, the first player can put down a card with a word with that spelling. The cards are colour coded so the player can see which cards he/she can play.

      The player reads the word as he/she puts down the card. If the player does not have a card with the spelling, he/she can use a Talisman card to change the spelling (if he/she as one), or pick up a card from the pack on the table. When a player uses a Talisman card and changes the spelling, he/she can then put down a card with the new spelling.

      The player can use a ‘Miss a go’ card, if the colour of the word matches. If this card is put down the next player misses a turn.

      The winner is the one to get rid of his/her cards first.

      It is also possible to take out one spelling (if it hasn’t been taught yet).

      We hope this helps…

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