Phonic Books donates books to Book Aid in 2014

Here is a report about the fantastic work that Book Aid does and our contribution to it:

Book Aid International registered charity no. 313869
Phonic Books Ltd
2014 Report

Book Aid International is the UK’s leading library development and book donation charity working in sub-Saharan Africa. This year we have sent over one million books to our library partners. These books will reach over 3,000 libraries.
In 2014, UK publishers have donated over 945,000 books. Books for children, including primary and secondary level books, remains our largest area of provision. We continue to provide thousands of titles in higher education, medical and healthcare, vocational, business and finance, leisure reading and reference.

This was only possible thanks to the help of our generous donors and we are very grateful for Phonic Books Ltd’s continued support of Book Aid International. This year you have donated 4,984 books, at an estimated value of £99,6801, which have been utilised by numerous partners in the countries we work in.

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