Do we really need more phonic games?

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Phonic Books Ltd has collaborated with TTS to create 5 new packs of reading games.  But who needs more phonic games?  Educational catalogues are packed with phonic games!  What is different about these new games?

Our games follow the progression of the Dandelion Readers phonics reading scheme, Levels 1, 2 and 3 which introduce vowel spellings.  Many children have difficulty in remembering vowel spellings (e.g. ai, ea, ur, etc). These children need revision and consolidation activities to embed what has been taught in the phonics lesson.

Many games on the market are designed around the phases of ‘Letters and Sounds’.  This means that, for example, Phase 3 games will include the a variety of spellings like: ai, ee, ur, ow, air, ear,  in one game.  The pupil will only be able to play these games independently and successfully once he/she has learned all these graphemes.

We believe is it very beneficial for children to revise the spellings as they learn them.  They need to practice and rehearse the grapheme before they go on to learn the next one.  These new board games introduce one phonic focus at a time.  They can be used after every phonic lesson to revise the specific content of that lesson.

This means that the teacher can include an activity of phonic reading games as part of every lesson plan without worrying that some of the spellings have not yet been taught.

The games will soon be on our website.  To find out more contact Wendy Tweedie at



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