Alba Series – now available!

Alba series is a phonic reading series for older, catch-up pupils.  Fantastic age-appropriate stories and illustrations will engage both boys and girls.  What makes this series unique is the strong female protagonist.  Book 8 - Page 9Alba is smart and capable.  She has a huge task.  Having been shrunk to the size of a coffee cup, she has a very important mission.  She must get the last remaining apple pip (that has not been contaminated by a deadly breed of superbug) to her dad, a top scientist at the lab.   Max, another scientist from the lab has other plans… He is hot on her heels.  Can Alba get the last apple pip to her dad in time?  Will she stay tiny forever more?

Yes, and all this within a highly structured phonic reading series to fill in those phonic gaps…

As with the Magic Belt, Totem and Talisman series – there is a vocabulary page to enrich language and multi- syllable words are chunked for the reader at the bottom of the pages.

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