Fantastic Reading Results using Totem and Talisman Series – Case studies

A few weeks ago, out of the blue, we received a letter from an SEN teacher – Anne.   Anne sent us the results of reading progress of her pupils during 2011/2012, using the Totem and Talisman series:

RA = reading age        SS = standard score

Pupil Year Start RA SS End RA SS progress
1 6 Sept 7y 0m 70 May 8y 9m 86 21 m in 8 m
2 6 Sept 7y 9m 80 Feb 11y 0m 103 39 m  in 5 m
3 6 Sept 6y 9m 69 May 8y 3m 84 18 m in 8 m
4 6 Sept 6y 3m 83 May 10y 0m 95 21 m  in 8 m
5 6 Feb 9y 6m 94 May 13y 3m 109 45 m in 4 m
6 6 Sept 10y 9m 101 May 13y 6m 108 33 m in 8 m
7 6 Sept 7y 0m 73 July 8y 3m 80 15 m  in 9 m
8 6 Nov 7y 3m 79 July 8y 3m 82 12 m in 8 m
9 6 Nov 6y 4m -70 July 10y 3m 95 47 m  in 8 m
10 10 Jan 7y 6m 69 July 9y 0m 77 18 m  in 6 m
11 6 April 8y 3m 62 July 10y 0m 96 21 m in 3 m
12 4 Jan 7y 3m 88 July 8y 3m 93 12 m  in 6 m

Here is her letter to us and some background to these remarkable results:

“I thought you might be interested in some results obtained with my pupils who used your books.  For my own interest, I am again keeping results, including the new magic Belt Series which again is proving popular with both girls and boys.  One of my schools is blitzing poor readers in Y3, 4 and 5 currently, on my recommendations.  Pupils, TA’s and teachers are loving the books and worksheets.  THANK YOU.”

I called Anne to learn a bit more about her teaching and her pupils.  She told me that she was Dyslexia trained and worked both in schools and with private pupils.  A number of schools she worked with had very disadvantaged pupils who had suffered deprivation and violent homes. With some pupils she worked 1 hour a week, others two hours.  This depended on the funding available.  The intervention was 1:1 with all the pupils.

The pupils did not have a formal SEN assessment.   Anne observed and noted various learning difficulties in her pupils which included the following:  dyslexia, ADHD, Speech and Language difficulties, behaviour issues and lack of confidence.  In addition to teaching reading skills and reading the books, Anne included lots of games and resources to vary her lessons.

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