SNIP review of Magic Belt Series: "will help stimulate struggling readers to want to read.”

Special Education Information Press has just reviewed the Magic Belt series in its November issue.  It concludes:

“This is another well-produced series of books which will help stimulate struggling readers to want to read.”

Magic Belt Series

Stories by Tami Reis-Frankfort

Illustrations by Drew Wilson

The Magic Belt Series is a phonic reading series of books aimed at increasing catch up, for pupils in KS2 and 3.  Created by dyslexia trained teachers, the series aims to respond to the specific needs of struggling readers aged between 8-14 years of age.

This new series follows a similar format to previously published series: Totem and Talisman.  Each book has reading practise pages, explanations of vocabulary used and support to decode two beat words by use of syllabification techniques on the appropriate pages.

The series follows the adventures of a boy who is given a quest to find magic gems in return for the remedy to restore his grandfather back to full health.  The accessibility of the plot and the attractive illustrations will make the books engaging both to older primary and younger secondary pupils.  The techniques used to promote readability will also support those with weak sound/symbol knowledge to become more independent readers.

Twelve books in the series take the reader from consonant vowel consonant words in the initial chapters to words with consonant digraphs, such as ch, sh, th, ck, qu, ng etc.  The series is also supported with an introductory workbook for those needing to work at CVC level and a Magic Belt workbook, which follows the phonic progression of the reading books and provides activities to reinforce both reading and spelling skills.

Each book in the series is short – 12 pages long on average, with approximately 180 story words.  As a result, the reluctant readers will not be over-faced by the reading material and be able to progress through the books at a rate that will improve motivation.  This is another well-produced series of books which will help to stimulate struggling reader to want to read.

12 readers £45

Introductory photocopiable workbook £18

Magic Belt photocopiable workbook £30

Discounts for bulk purchases

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