Dyslexia Awareness Week – teaching tips for teaching dyslexic pupils

Dyslexia Awareness Week has just flashed by.  Here are some teaching tips for teachers teaching a dyslexic pupil:

  1. Assess before you start so you can identify difficulties and measure progress
  2. Use structured programme of work so pupil can succeed at every level
  3. Adapt the pace of progress to the pupil
  4. Use multi-sensory methods and resources
  5. Allow lots of varied practice – revisiting the same skills through different activities
  6. Make activities short and successful
  7. Conclude lessons with what has been learned and start with a reminder of what was learned previously
  8. If they are failing to progress the teacher is moving too fast or not allowing enough overlearning
  9. Provide age-appropriate reading materials to boost self esteem
  10. Use context which is relevant to learner e.g. football, or TV soap opera
  11. Try to work in a cumulative way so that what has been learned is referred to along the way
  12. Intersperse lessons with short games (they do not have to be educational- just fun)
  13. After a while, show pupil evidence of  progress
  14. Reward for effort in a way that is meaningful to pupil

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