New Magic Belt workbooks soon available!

For those of you who have been anticipating the Magic Belt Workbook – there is good news!  Two new workbooks are currently in production.  They will be available this Autumn.

The first of these workbooks is called the Introductory Workbook.  It is aimed at older, ‘catch-up’ pupils who have weak sound/letter knowledge.  It introduces the sounds of the alphabet in word, caption and decodable texts reading exercises.  An age-appropriate reading resource for older pupils who need to start a phonic programme from the beginning.

The second workbook is the Magic Belt Series Workbook.  The 12 chapters follow the same phonic progression in the reading series. A great reading resource for pupils who can read a simple text at CVC level but need to launch into reading.

We will let you know when these workbooks are available.  Watch this space!

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