New Workbook for Dandelion Launchers – sneak preview

We are delighted to announce that our new Dandelion Launchers workbook for Units 8-10 is in the last stages of production and will soon be available.  This workbook focuses on adjacent consonants. To find out why this may be a useful resource for your pupils click here

Reading and spelling words with adjacent consonants is a very important stage in learning to read. The progression from reading words with a CVC structure to CCVC structure, for example, is a big step for some children.  The blending of two consonants can be difficult for then and it is essential to spend time pracitising this skill.  Children who have not had enough practice will often omit or insert consonants when reading and spelling. E.g. they may read and spell the word ‘frog’ as ‘fog’.   The programme ‘Letters and Sounds’ devotes Phase 4 for practising this skill.

This new workbook offers lots of practice for blending and segmenting, spelling and reading comprehension. All the activties are linked to the stories in Dandelion Launchers Units 8-10 so that the children are working within a meaninful context.

Unit 8 includes VCC (‘end’) and CVCC (‘lost’) words.

Unit 9 includes CCVC (‘grip’) words

Unit 10 includes CCVCC (‘plump’) words

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