NEWS: Talisman 2 Series out now!

NEWS: Talisman 2 Series out now!
Teachers and pupils have been writing to us asking about the next Talisman Series. It has now been published and is available!
The Talisman 2 workbook will be available in September 2011. This new series includes some really useful
spellings and suffixes for the older, reluctant readers.
Apart including alternative spellings for vowel sounds such as ‘ue’ (as in cute) and ‘u’ (as in tough) we have included the consonants ‘s’ which includes ‘soft c’ (as in cell) and ‘j’ which includes ‘soft g’ (as in giant). These are very common stumbling blocks for older readers.
We have also included suffixes which look really difficult to read but once taught, they enable pupils to read loads of Latin based words quite easily. Many phonic programmes teach suffixes as whole syllables (not as individual sounds within the syllables). This is really helpful for pupils as it is manageable when reading and spelling long words.
So we have included ‘tion’ (as in ‘mention’), ‘ture’ (as in ‘adventure’) , ‘cious’ (as in ‘precious’) and more.
We hope this will really help to demystify many long words for older pupils.
Let us know how you pupils are getting on with the new books and workbook.

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