Reading decodable books with beginner readers – 8 tips

Decoding can be very laborious for the beginner reader.  Here are a few tips that can make the experience successful and rewarding:

1. encourage children to blend sounds throughout the word

2. be patient – give child time to work it out by sounding out

3. If child has omitted sounds or inserted sounds into a word, point out where this has happened so that graphemes  and phonemes match;  give child opportunity to self correct

4. if the child does not know the sound of a grapheme –  tell them them what it is but let them blend it into the word themselves

5. first sound out (pointing to graphemes) and then read high-frequency words for child if necessary

6. read each sentence for child after they have decoded it in order to aid comprehension

7. explain new words

8. discuss theme of book and relate to personal experience

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