That Dog!, Books 1-12


Cat. No. TD1
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Includes 12 decodable books for ‘catch-up’ pupils who are reading at CVC level.

Book 1: cvc, cvcc
Book 2: cvcc
Book 3: cvcc
Book 4: ccvc and ‘ed’
Book 5: ccvcc
Book 6: ‘ch’ and ‘tch’
Book 7: ‘sh’
Book 8: ‘th’
Book 9: ‘ck’ and ‘qu’
Book 10: ‘ng’
Book 11: ‘wh’ and ‘ing’
Book 12: ‘le’

Available on the Accelerated Reader programme.
The books can be found on the programme by searching for the individual titles.

Reviews (1)

  1. Traiville Burrell Smith

    Testimonial by Traiville Burrell Smith,aged 9, Year 5

    Doesn’t everyone need to learn to read? This series of books: ‘That Dog’ helps you to read because of three important things.

    Firstly, the text is easy to read because it breaks up the words at the bottom. Secondly, the stories are very good and exciting and they make you want to read the next book. Finally, one last thing is: before you start to read the books there is a space at the front that shows what words are going to be in the books. Also there is a page that explains the vocabulary that some people find difficult.

    I really enjoy the series and I highly recommend it. The books should receive an award because they are so fantastic.

    Traiville Burrell Smith

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