Moon Dogs Series, Set 1


Cat. No. MD1
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Gradually introduces the initial sounds of the alphabet at CVC level text.

Book 1: s a t i m
Book 2: n o p
Book 3: b c g h
Book 4: d e f v
Book 5: k l r u
Book 6: j w z
Book 7: x y ff ll ss zz
Book 8: CVC




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  1. Rebecca Sloane

    As a special needs teacher who mainly works with KS2 children, I’m always looking for materials that not only interest my students, but also enable them to practice the early phonics they have missed out on.

    The Moon Dog books are wonderful because although they are for beginner readers, the pictures and text engage older children. Both pictures and stories lend themselves to higher level comprehension questions, as well. I have even encouraged students to think about the verb tenses and to change some sentences to the past orally…. which is good for working on points of grammar and English language skills.

    I heartily recommend these books to anyone looking for interesting and well designed reading materials for beginning readers who are in KS2 or 3.

    Rebecca Sloane
    Kingswood School House

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