Moon Dogs Series Workbooks
Moon Dogs Series Workbooks

Moon Dogs Series, Set 1 Workbook

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Complements the 8 stories in the first Moon Dogs Series and follows the same phonic progression.

Offers activities for word building, reading, spelling and comprehension work based on the characters and events in the stories. (100 pages).


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  1. Ann Williams

    This series has suited the learner I am helping. In 4 years she has gradually been able consistently to read the first and second series.
    My suggestions for improvements would be that there were many extra story books to practice the series 2 spelling concepts.

  2. Donna Inglis

    A young learner complained to me that he was reading baby books again in his fifth year in school. He explained that he was fed up with reading. Then, he met the Moon Dogs series. Using a reader pen to access the texts independently he began to realise that he was reading, truly reading. This was a very emotional moment for everyone around him. He loves the fact that the ‘kids’ in the pictures are ‘older’ than him. He can read the illustrations so well. He is beginning to feel confident about picking up other books and having a go. You can’t ask for anything better in education. More please!

    • Elaine Marsh

      We are so pleased your student is enjoying our books! We created all of our Catch-Up Reader Series to specifically to combat the issue surrounding older children and age-appropriate stories and illustrations. It’s wonderful to hear that your student is beginning to gain confidence. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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