Totem Series, Set 1


Cat. No. TM1
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Includes 12 decodable books starting at CVC & CVCC level.

Book 1: cvc, cvcc
Book 2: cvc, cvcc, ccvc
Book 3: cvc, cvcc, ccvc, ccvcc
Book 4: sh, ch, th
Book 5: ck, ng, qu, wh
Book 6: ‘ae’: ai, ay, a-e, a
Book 7: ‘ee’: ee, ea, e, y, ey
Book 8: ‘oe’: o-e, ow, oa, o
Book 9: ‘er’: er, ir, ur
Book 10: ‘ow’: ow, ou
Book 11: ‘ie’: igh, i-e, y, i
Book 12: ‘oo’: oo, ew, u-e, u

Available on the Accelerated Readers programme.
The books can be found on the programme by searching for the individual titles.




Reviews (2)

  1. Sarah Horner

    The Totem series is perfect for readers who need practice in the early stages of reading. The first few books help to develop fluency when working with one-to-one correspondences and the later books reinforce the different ways that a sound can be spelt. The struggling readers that I work with love the stories set within the overarching adventure.

  2. Carina

    These books are ideal for working with a small group. Both boys and girls are so engaged with the adventures. Great range of skills addressed in a meanful way. Supports work in phonics, spelling, vocabulary, comprehension and enriching content makes it suitable for writing tasks based on the story. These books can then lead to use of the Talisman Series as the characters and plot line continues. Highly recommend this series. SET Teacher, Kilkenny, Ireland

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