Titan’s Gauntlets, Books 1-10


Cat. No. GL1
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Set of ten books introducing further alternative vowel and consonant spellings, and common Latin Suffixes.

Book 1: ‘ue’: u, ue, u-e
Book 2: ‘u’: u, o, ou
Book 3: ‘s’: s, ss, se, c, ce
Book 4: ‘l’: l, ll, le, al
Book 5:‘j’: j, g, ge
Book 6: ‘f’: f, ff, ph
Book 7: ‘cher’: ture
Book 8: ‘shun’: tion
Book 9: ‘shul’: cial, tial
Book 10: ‘zhun’: sion


Available on the Accelerated Reader programme.
The books can be found on the programme by searching for the individual titles.

Reviews (2)

  1. Lorna Wooldridge

    This is a great series which allows the student to move seamlessly from The Talisman Series 1 books and into Series 2. I used it with a student that was struggling with the jump from the Talisman Series 1 books to the beginning of the series 2 books, so we ordered this series instead and it worked a treat. She is now comfortably back on the Series 2 books and reading them without an issue.

  2. Janet Pearson

    I have now used this series with many students all of whom have benefited from the careful build up of phonic knowledge and the introduction of new vocabulary. This is particularly useful for enriching the language of students that have not been exposed to a wide ranging vocabulary as they struggle to read and have not been read to. The stories are well structured and have an interesting plot and some strong characters, that manage to grip the imagination and enthral the interest of even very reluctant students. The progress my students have made once their attention has been engaged by these books is very impressive.

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