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Dandelion Card Games

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Cat. No. DG1

6 playing card games that offer practise and consolidation of phonics skills for beginner readers, linked to the popular Dandelion series.

Each game in sets 1-5 includes instructions, a contents list, 42 word cards and 8 action cards. Set 6 includes instructions, a contents list, Dandelion letter cards, word list cards and word chain cards.

The phonic progression in the card games is as follows:

Box 1: CVC
Box 3: ch, tch, sh, th
Box 4: ck, ng, qu, wh
Box 5: Split vowel spellings
Box 6 is a set that supports word building. It corresponds to the phonics focus in Dandelion Launchers Stages 1-10 and Dandelion World Stages 1-10.

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