Dandelion Books and Wordshark

Children using Computer

For those using the Wordshark Program (www.wordshark.co.uk), below is a list of words to use with Units 1 to 15.

Following the same progression as Dandelion Launchers and Dandelion Readers these words can used to practise the sounds of the latest lesson from Units 1 to 15.

Wordshark recommend you choose a selection of 8 words for each session.

Unit 1: at, am, it, mat, sat, sit, Sam, Tam, Tim

Unit 2: pan, map, tap, sip, nip, tip, top, pot, mop, pop, not

Unit 3: cap, bat, bag, ham, can, gap, hit, bib, him, got, hop, hog

Unit 4: van, vet, fin, dog, bed, fat, cod, fog, did, fit, den, dig, big, bag

Unit 5: lap, log, leg, lip, rat, red, cub, rub, run, rug, nut, kit, kid

Unit 6: jam, jab, wet, wig, win, wok, zap, zip, jab, jam, jet, job, jot, jug

Unit 7: wax, box, fox, yak, yam, yap, yes, yet, cuff, puff, mess, less, fizz, buzz, doll, well

Unit 8: and, end, ant, jump, lamp, bunk, tank, hint, tent, best, gift, loft, sand, mend

Unit 9: flan, drop, glum, snip, pram, step, spin, skill, stop, grub, trek, swim, clap, crab

Unit 10: stamp, crust, slept, blend, twist, blond, crept, grand, drift, plump, trunk

Unit 11: chip, bench, lunch, chess, chest, punch, chop, chimp, munch, chat, chum

Unit 12: fish, dish, dash, posh, cash, hush, mash, rush, rash, wish, fresh, crash, trash ship, shop, shall, shed, shut, shell, shin, shunt, shift

Unit 13: this, that, them, then thud, thin, think, thank, thump
moth, maths, bath, cloth, broth, froth, path, sixth, tenth, fifth, with

Unit 14: back, duck, kick, lock, luck, trick, rock, neck, thick, chick, shack, shock, when, which, whip, whack, whisk, whim

Unit 15: king, ring, sing, song, bang, hung, long, lung, swing, string, stung quit, quill, quest, quick, quack, quilt, quiz, squid

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