Books for Reluctant Readers

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Our first reader books are the perfect choice for parents and educators looking to introduce the magic of reading to children. We understand the importance of a strong foundation in phonics for beginners, and our books are designed to do just that.

Our books follow a clear, progressive structure making it easy for parents and teachers to guide young readers and to teach them the essential phonics skills they need to become confident and successful readers.

Designed by experienced educators who understand the needs of beginner readers, our books feature colourful and captivating illustrations that bring each story to life, making learning a fun and immersive experience.

"The magic for these kids was finding a series that they could decode, that could keep their interest, that motivated hard work, and that made them sound and feel like successful readers."

Brin Tucker, Educator

Moon Dogs Series

Unleash the joy of learning with Moon Dogs—a series that transforms early reading into a thrilling exploration! Specially crafted for older children taking their first steps into the world of reading, this series explores sounds at the CVC level through to adjacent consonants and consonant digraphs, alternative vowel spellings and vowel consonant silent ‘e’ spellings.

Dragon Eggs Series

Embark on an adventurous reading journey with the Dragon Eggs series, specially designed to assist emerging readers between the ages of 7 and 9 who may have gaps in their phonics understanding.

The series includes ten captivating story books, each dedicated to a different vowel sound. They are an invaluable resource for children who are still developing their reading fluency and need to revisit those tricky vowel digraphs.

Featuring endearing characters and a reader-friendly format, these books will become cherished favourites that children won't want to put down.

Magic Belt Series

When Zak’s grandfather falls ill Zak must go on a quest to find 10 magical gems to help cure him. This action-packed quest series takes children from CVC and CVCC word level text through to adjacent consonants, consonant digraphs and suffixes.

That Dog!

Ben has always wanted a dog. One day a scruffy stray follows him home. Will he get to keep him? This series shares the same phonic progression as the Magic Belt Series and can be used in parallel.

Alba Series

Geared towards both girls and boys, the series features a spirited and resourceful female protagonist named Alba. Starting a CVC level the books progress at a faster pace through consonants, consonant digraphs and alternative vowel spellings.

Totem Series

Zak’s adventures begin when he’s captured by two men and his shepherd’s staff acquires special powers. This series shares the same phonic progression as the Alba Series and can be used in parallel.

Rescue Series

Join the courageous Erin and her trusty sidekick Danny as they set out on a grand adventure to rescue baby brother Jack. Starting with the sound ‘ae’, each of the 10 books introduces a phoneme and its alternative spellings.

Island Adventure

Jack and his little sister, Snub, are visiting Gran and Grandpa on a remote Scottish island where they live. An accident brings them closer together, but a subsequent calamity is the beginning of an exciting quest. This series shares the same phonic progression as the Rescue Series and can be used in parallel.

Talisman Series

Zak’s adventures begin when his Grandpa gives him a talisman with special powers.

From this day on, Zak’s life is never the same again. The Talisman series shares the same phonic progression as the Rescue Series and can be used in parallel. Progress to Titan's Gauntlets which introduces more alternative vowel, consonant spellings and common Latin Suffixes. Then move on to the Talisman 2 Series which covers more alternative vowel, consonant spellings, and common Latin suffixes.

Titan’s Gauntlets

Finn has been chosen to stop the evil Winged One from destroying the world.

This series can be introduced after the Talisman Series, introducing more alternative vowel and consonant spellings and common Latin suffixes.

Amber Guardians

A chance discovery of an ancient necklace in an old bazaar soon leads Finn and his friends on an incredible quest. Bridges the gap between structured and mainstream reading. With a higher ratio of text to illustration, this series allows the reader to make the important step towards understanding meaning purely from text.

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