Books for Beginner Readers

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Our first reader books are the perfect choice for parents and educators looking to introduce the magic of reading to children. We understand the importance of a strong foundation in phonics for beginners, and our books are designed to do just that.

Our books follow a clear, progressive structure making it easy for parents and teachers to guide young readers and to teach them the essential phonics skills they need to become confident and successful readers.

Designed by experienced educators who understand the needs of beginner readers, our books feature colourful and captivating illustrations that bring each story to life, making learning a fun and immersive experience.

"Phonic Books are the best decodable books out there."

Barbara Steinberg, PDX Reading Specialist

Dandelion Launchers

Dandelion Launchers is a fully decodable phonics series for beginner readers (ages 4-6). Each stage introduces new letters and sounds while supporting high-frequency words (“heart” words).

To make learning engaging and enjoyable, each book in the series includes a game at the back, offering a fun way to practice the new phonic skills and knowledge introduced at each stage.

Dandelion World

Dandelion World is a non-fiction decodable series for beginner readers (ages 4-6) which follows the same scope and sequence as the Dandelion Launchers series. Each book covers an engaging non-fiction topic while at the same time improving literacy. A knowledge builder in each book gives more information about the subject to enhance vocabulary and deepen comprehension in a fun way.

Dandelion Readers

Dandelion Readers is a series of books for young readers aged 6-8. These books explore various vowel sound spellings, featuring increased text on each page to help develop reading endurance.

Each book includes a valuable Reading Practice section, providing additional opportunities to reinforce the newly introduced spelling patterns.

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