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The Great Phonics Check Debate

This week pupils in Y1 will undergo the phonics check.  Here are the two sides to the debate. http://www.phonicsinternational.com/screener_debate.pdf

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Why we all need to be able to read nonsense words

Here is a very logical, straightforward explanation why we all need to be able to read nonsense words.  Spelfabet website beautifully and simply concludes that “nonsense words = words we haven’t yet met”. Why wouldn’t we want to teach children a skill […]

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What are non-words and why they should be part of the Y1 Phonics Check

Non-words are nonsense words made up of the spellings (graphemes) a child has already been taught by Year 1. Words like ‘bip’, ‘steg’ or ‘shromp’.  Read more to find out why non-words should be in the Y1 Phonics Screening Check.

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