Dandelion Readers, Level 4 ‘Toad and Newt’


Cat. No. DR16
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Level 4 ‘Toad and Newt’.

Introduces more alternative spellings for vowels and consonants, alternative sounds for the spelling <c> and <g>, and common Latin suffixes.

Book 1: ue, u-e, ew, u
Book 2: u, ou, o
Book 3: o, a, ou, au
Book 4: s, ss, se, st, sc, c, ce
Book 5: <c>
Book 6: l, ll, el, il, al, le, ol
Book 7:  j, g, ge, dge
Book 8: <g>
Book 9: f, ff, gh, ph
Book 10: -ture
Book 11: -tion
Book 12: -ssion, -cian
Book 13: -sure
Book 14: -sion

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  1. Diane Barwood

    As with all the Phonic book productions, the Level 4 books are all informative, funny and totally engaging. The Workbook provides enjoyable activities that students really like. I would find teaching SSP much harder without the availability of these resources.

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