Dandelion Readers, Level 1 ‘The Mail’


Cat. No. DR13
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Level 1 'The Mail'.

Decodable books covering vowel digraphs.

Introduces one spelling for each of the vowel sounds.

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  1. Harriet Palmer

    I teach struggling readers (primary age) 1-1 and have found that using all the levels of the Dandelion Readers is invaluable because they gradually introduce alternative spellings for vowel sounds. So I will use level 1 book 1 to work on for the first session, then level 2 book 1 the next time which focusses on , , ‘a’ and level 3 book 1 next (, , ‘a’, , ). The workbooks have great reinforcement activities. I would highly recommend these books for readers who need to take smaller steps. My students also enjoy the humour and lovely illustrations in these books.

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