Dandelion Launchers – a multisensory iBook that teaches letter/sound correspondences

Dandelion Launchers iBooks is are 7 exciting new interactive phonic iBooks, now on iBookstore!

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Ideal for learning sound/letter correspondences!

Teacher expertise combined with interactive technology has resulted in a multisensory reading experience for young readers. These enhanced iBooks have added sound files which model correct pronunciation of letters and sounding out of words in the text. An ideal first reading resource for beginner readers!

Interactive features that promote reading in Dandelion Launchers iBooks

1. Sound files demonstrate letter/sound correspondences of the letters of the alphabet

2. The reader can hear correct pronunciation of these letters

3. Sounding out of words is modeled by touching a word in the text

Special features in Dandelion Launchers iBooks

– Letters of the alphabet introduced in step-by-step progression

– Sound files linked to letters model correct pronunciation

– Sound files linked to words model how to sound out words in the text

– Reader sees letters enlarge as they are sounded out : A multisensory method that teaches letter/sound correspondences

– A short animation rewards the reader at the end of each story

– A short reading game allows revision at the end of the iBook

Which features absent from Dandelion Launchers iBooks?

– No interactive features on pages that distract away from the text

– No ‘Read to me button’ which does not encourage children to read themselves or decode by breaking words up into phonemes and sounding them out

What are educators saying about Dandelion Launchers iBooks?

“ These simple multi-sensory books are cleverly designed to direct children to the text first, with an amusing reward at the end of each story. Every word is segmented and blended with precision, in a clear tone that is easy for children to repeat and rehearse and easy for parents to emulate. The stories are fun and the illustrations lively, but nothing is left to chance. The cumulative progression of letter sounds means there is no vocabulary that can’t be sounded out. Ideal for use at home and in the classroom.” Jane Orr M.A. (Oxon) P.G.C.E. RSA dip Spld, Head Teacher of the Bloomfield Learning Centre, London, UK

“Some electronic books are cluttered with distracting animations. They are fun to do, but it would probably be better to use a paper book to teach children to read. In contrast, the electronic additions in these Dandelion eBooks are directly helpful for teaching reading. The only extra activity is a brief animation for fun at the end of each story…. The Dandelion eBooks are carefully structured for the early stages of reading. They could easily be used with any systematic synthetic phonics programme, as the differences are irrelevant after only a few weeks. I recommend them for teachers, teaching assistants or parents who work with children at the early stages of reading.” Elizabeth Nonweiler, Independent Reading Consultant and Trainer, ‘Teach to Read’.

“The Dandelion Launchers eBook series provide exciting, stimulating reading material that is interactive. It enables parents to model and revise correct sound pronunciation, word segmenting and blending skills through graded reading exercises alongside the opportunity to build visual vocabulary of common words.
The books are an ideal resource for supporting children with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia but may also benefit the student who is new to English and requires additional reinforcement of our letter/sound system.” Rosemary Brigg-MCrachen MA, PGCE, RSA Dip SpLD/Dyslexia, PG Dip (Pyschology),Tutor/assessor
for specific learning difficulties

To download Unit 1 for free search the iBookstore on iTunes and search ‘Dandelion Launchers’. Please leave a review or rating.

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