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23rd November 2015

I love your books and have read them with many children (so much so that the Totem books are starting to fall apart!) I even use them with some adults who need a phonic reading scheme; it's always good to have more than one option, whatever the age group. I have just started tutoring a new child who already loves the Talisman books and I've promised him I'll send in his work when his writing improves. He said "I think it will have to improve quite a bit." Which is true but great motivation for him to keep practising.  Thank you for making my job easier.

Thanks again,
C. N. (Specialist Tutor)
July 16th 2015

"I am 14 years old and about to go into Year 10.  I have read the Talisman books with two of my Teaching Assistants.  I thought the books were exciting and my favourite character was Cerberus.  It has helped my reading because I have found the stories interesting, and I have learned lots of new vocabulary.  I liked the questions about the chapters, the reading and sorting tasks, the writing tasks, and the true or false pages.

My teaching assistants have also enjoyed reading the series.  They say it has been perfect to match my needs.

We all agree there should be a 3rd series at least.  One of my ideas was that the Dark Master had an evil step brother ...."
"Susan of who advises parents sent in this letter from a parent:

May 5th 2015.

Dear Susan,

In March, I contacted you about my son J (age 7) and his reading. I bought the Totem books you recommended and we have been working our way through them for about 5 weeks now. I wanted to let you know that he loves the books - they have really increased his confidence in reading enormously, and I have already purchased the Talisman series so that he can go straight onto them when he is ready.

Last week he was put up a reading group in his class and was holding his own. It was being put down a group in February that precipitated this crises. It's early days, but it looks like the problem will be solved by the end of this school year. So I'm just writing to you to say how lucky we feel to have found your website and that you were kind enough to reply to my messages. We refer to you as Susan Godsend. I don't suppose we are the first to do so.

I thought I'd also mention that the school have now bought a set of Totem books too - word is getting round! So it is not only J who will have benefited from your advice."
Dear PhonicBooks
I love these books. I have written my own little stories over the years and always hope one day to have time to do more with simple illustrations.
THANK YOU (from ALL children)
Dear PhonicBooks
I have just taken delivery of some of your Dandelion Readers and Talisman books and am doing something I have never done before in my life... writing spontaneously to make a comment!! I have been a Phono-Graphix teacher for 10 years and have struggled to find resources that can enhance the scheme. I have produced a whole forest of my own worksheet-type resources but have always found good quality reading books (that acknowledge language as a code in even a passing way) very difficult to come by! Well I have found them now... superb sets of books that the kids will love. I cannot thank you enough!
Kind Regards
Dear Mrs. Tweedie,
Thank you very much for sending my colleague - Jo Cox and myself some Dandelion phonic books on inspection. It helped us make our minds up, that this was exactly the type of books which would suit our Foundation Stage children at Green Gates School. As a result we have now ordered some Dandelion Readers and the first children went home with the books, just before half term. The children have enjoyed reading them and have got great satisfaction from being able to blend and segment the words themselves. Also we have had a good response from the parents too, who kept asking if their child's reading book had been changed. Finally the reason for this letter is to return the books we had on inspection and thank you for sending them so promptly.
Yours faithfully,
Pamela J. Thomas
"The books are great because they have got lots of good things. They make me feel like I'm grown up because I can read them."
Sarah, age 6 (Y1)
"Dandelion Readers have transformed my six-year-old daughter's reading. The reading system at school seemed to have no structure and was rather arbitrary. Sarah was struggling. The structure in these books has given her the building blocks to learn to read. She has really enjoyed reading each one of the books as well."
M. I., Sarah's mum
"We are pleased to see something which reinforces the work we are doing. The books are colourful and motivating for early readers."
L. L., Literacy Coordinator
"The youngest children enjoyed reading them - built their confidence. We liked the notes at the front and the game at the back."
T.J., Deputy Head Teacher
"I think they are really good and will fit in very well into the new phonics approach for the Literacy Hour. These books would be really useful."
"It fits in with what is happening in class. My reluctant reader enjoyed reading them and liked the cartoon pictures."
M. VB., SPLD teacher
"Just what we need to reinforce Sounds-Write learning. My SEN group have gained a lot of confidence from being able to read them independently. The game at the end is a great idea to aid the over-learning that is very important for SEN children. Please let us know when we can buy these books!"
S. H., SRN Teaching Assistant
"I think Dandelion Readers are excellent. The fantastic illustrations make them very suitable for use with a wide range of children. My four-year-old enjoyed talking through the pictures while my eight-year-old loved the fact that he could read them independently and also liked the humour in the illustrations."
J. P., Teacher and home education mum
"I received such positive comments from parents, children and class teachers that the whole school adopted Dandelion Readers as a core reading resources in the school."
"At last something that really works for all. Dandelion Readers have been an immensely valuable addition to the reading scheme."
K.L., Class teacher